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Shonda’s work with birthing women and their families began in 1989 when she and a friend founded VBAC of Tarrant County, Inc. in FW, Texas to provide education in birth choice for women. She taught childbirth classes, provided herbal medicine consulting services for midwives and their clients, and birthed seven babies as she wrote her books, Naturally Healthy Pregnancy, Mommy Diagnostics, and Naturally Healthy Woman.

She has consulted with and developed formulas for herbal supplement companies and developed her own line of Intimate Solutions oil and bath products and currently has 30 formulas that have been in testing for the past 10 years and are ready for market-release.

While she oversees the NH Herbalist Training Courses, speaks at various midwifery conferences and women’s events across the country, she is now deep into revisions of Naturally Healthy Pregnancy and finalizing Naturally Healthy Herbs, Whole Herbs for Your Whole Life for print.

Shonda Parker is a CCE, CWHE, CFHE, Clinical Herbalist.
How to Sponsor a Naturally Healthy Workshop

Sponsors receive FREE TUITION when the minimum number of participants is met.

Gather Interest

Look over Shonda’s current workshop and travel schedule. Is there a workshop in your state or within a few hours of where you would like to schedule a workshop? If so, contact Emily about scheduling for your workshop while Shonda is in the area.

Print the Sponsor Responsibilities and Workshop Fee form.

E-mail us for the brochure for Shonda’s workshops and distribute to those you think might be interested in registering for the workshop.

When you have read over the sponsor responsibilities and agree and you have people interested in coming to the workshop, you are ready to pick a date. E-mail workshops and Customer Service with your selected date.

Select Your Preferred Date

When you and Shonda have agreed upon a date, you will then need to download the sample workshop flier. E-mail workshops with all your specific workshop information: location, times, which workshops you want to have Shonda teach, your contact information and the lunch plan. Emily will fill in the sample flier with your information and e-mail the flier to you for copying and distribute to everyone and their sister, mother, aunt, granny and their best friends.

Download the Sponsor Checklist.

This is your guide through the planning process. Communication between you and the Naturally Healthy office will refer back to this list.

The Class list may be used to keep track of registrations, who had paid, who wants lunch, etc.

Remember, if you are able to pre-register the minimum number of participants, your tuition will be FREE!

If you need anything during the planning process, please e-mail Shonda at or leave a message at 1-888-HERB-101. We are here to help you have an enjoyable Naturally Healthy day!