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Real Food 

This online ministry is dedicated to helping families eat more real foods (those less processed), making healthy foods from scratch, homeschooling, homesteading, natural health, loving our families, taking care of our homes and simple living. The site and digest is owned and moderated by Vickilynn Haycraft, author of Wrapping It Up! and my co-author for Naturally Healthy Cuisine: Real Food for Real Families.

Azure Standard is an excellent resource to bring real -really good - food into your area via their co-op network. We now have organic produce and healthy foods and tools coming to our northeast Louisiana area every month thanks to Azure Standard and the exceedingly kind folks at Covenant Ranch Trucking. If you contact the folks at Azure, they will let you know how to find a local co-op manager so you can participate with your local buying co-op. I serve the northeast Louisiana area, so if you'd like to order with us, contact me at or as Shonda Parker on Facebook.  Sue Gregg's cookbooks were healthy and whole before healthy and whole were cool! If you want to learn to make healthful food for your family, consider these cookbooks!

Kitchen Equipment

The following list includes every major seller of kitchen equipment of whom we know. A listing here does not imply endorsement.

Joyful Living Distributors run by Bill and Kristy Bell in Aledo, Texas. 817-441-7074. Kristy was my neighbor once upon a time (and still my good friend!). Kristy is responsible for introducing me to the wonders of whole-grain cooking and baking, organic produce and yummy natural cheese!  run by Marilyn Moll.  run by Donna Spann run by Gary & Anita Hansen

Herbal Products  Dr. Michael T. Murray is now the new head of Product Development and Education for this company. The supplements are available in health food stores and are an excellent buy when cost comparing to other high-quality supplement lines.  Don't let the low costs fool you into thinking these aren't quality products. Swanson has passed all of Consumer Lab's testing while some of the more costly brands have failed on some of their products. This company has become the primary herbal product resource for the Parker Family. If you choose to purchase from Swanson, might you consider helping the Parker Family help you by using this link which will give you $5 off your order and gives us a $10 coupon for the referral:  Sells NF Formulas, Inc. line and others through health professionals only, but they do consider herbalists and midwives health professionals. For that, we pat them on the back and tell you how much we love their multi-vitamin formulas, particularly the Prenatal Forte.  The Eclectic Institute line of herbs and nutritional supplements are sold through healthcare professionals, including herbalists and midwives. Their Opti-Natal prenatal supplement is high on my list as is the NF Prenatal Forte.  Gaia Herbs has liquid phytocaps that work very well for those who want their herbs in liquid form but want that liquid in a capsule rather than from a dropper.  MediHerb and Standard Process are long-time resources for herbalists, nutritionists, and a variety of natural healthcare practitioners. If you've read Kerry Bone's excellent books, Clinical Guide to Blending Liquid Herbs, Principles & Practice of Phytotherapy, Essential Guide to Herbal Safety, you can find his herbal formulas at MediHerb.

Bulk Herbs  Site for Frontier Cooperative Herbs, seller of bulk herbs and spices as well as many other products from which to choose. Excellent resource for organic and wild-crafted herbs and herbal-medicine-making supplies.

Bulk Grain Companies

135 North 10th (PO Box 307)
Montpelier, Idaho 83254
800-847-0465 or 208-847-0465
FAX: 208-847-0467
Ship by truck anywhere in the US, will ship via ground shippers for smaller quantities

PO Box 647
Three Forks, MT 59752
Growers and distributors of grains. Growers of Prairie Gold and Bronze Chief wheat.
Will ship by truck anywhere in the US, will ship via ground shippers for smaller quantities

Birth Supplies   A family owned and operated business run by the Jack and Sherry Youngblood family. They carry a great line of birth supplies, books, and nutritional supplement products for family health care.

Find a Naturopath   This is the web address you will need to find a licensed naturopath. We are not implying endorsement of any of these physicians. We are simply providing you with a site to find a licensed naturopathic physician who has been trained to integrate conventional and natural medicine.

Herbal Consulting/Education Sites: This is Dr. Michael T. Murray's website where you may post a question for him to answer via his website or eNewsletter.
"A Woman's Time - Menopause Options and Natural Medicine"  - Tori Hudson, N.D.
2067 NW Lovejoy 
Portland, OR  97209 
503-222-2322 Treasure's site with his herblog, the herbalbookworm page where he critiques herb texts, explores herb-drug interactions, offers consulting services, and downloads. David Winston's site with an extensive herbal library, consulting services, and study courses. Consumer education, an "ask the expert" option, professional protocols, Working Doctor Seminar Series (WDSS) anyone can download for free. Excellent resource, particularly for those who use any of the Integrative Therapeutics family of products, though anyone would find this site educational and helpful.

Find a Midwife
Click here to see our current midwife referral list

Health Publications  Herb Research Foundation site - premier place for finding the latest news on medicinal herbs. One of our primary advocates for responsible and effective herbal medicine legislation and consumer advocacy.  The American Botanical Councel publishes HerbalGram magazine, which is the best magazine on medicinal use of herbs - the herbal professional should not be without a subscription. Consumers and health professionals alike will appreciate the wide array of herbal textbooks and popular herbals offered on this site.   Medical Herbalism Journal for practicing as an herbalist.  Site of Midfwifery Today magazine, a most excellent online and print resource for midwives and their clients.

Government Sites Supplying Health Information  Site for the Centers for Disease Control, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) offered free by e-mail, and Emerging Infectious Disease Journal (EID).  National Institute for Health site with search capabilities for health conditions and treatments. Home of MedlinePlus and PubMed (Research articles databases) and the place to find out about current clinical trials in which you might be interested in participating.  Whatever your opinion about how the FDA feels about nutritional supplements, their site is still an excellent resource for families needing information on recalled food and supplements, as well as educational information on food safety.