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Naturally Healthy™ has designed and developed over 50 formulas for the herbal and nutritional industry over the past 23 years in addition to providing research for additional product development.

Shonda Parker, through her company, Naturally Healthy™, provides consulting services to midwives, physicians, other healthcare professionals, and individuals interested in utilizing herbal medicine as part of the their healthcare protocols. Consults are billed according to level of research necessary to provide results. On-site consultations for midwives and birth centers are available within a 100-mile radius of Monroe, Louisiana and within the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex quarterly.

Got a question for Shonda?

Shonda answers questions Monday-Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm.

You may expect your question to be answered within 24-48 hours (weekdays excluding weekends or holidays or unexpected family upheavals).

Please know there are many free resources on the internet to enable you to gain answers, and we encourage self-directed study and taking charge of your own healthcare. You may find the following links helpful: - Specific conditions are addressed with Dr. Murray’s recommendations. - They have a copy of Herb Med on their website with herbs listed A-Z with excellent information on each herb.

If you prefer to ask Shonda your question, the options are listed below.

Your credit card will not be billed until you receive your consult answer from Shonda.

Specific, Focused Question: $10.00

Example: “I’m taking the following herb formula: Devil's Claw, White Willow Bark, Bromelain, Boswellia Serratta, Ginger root, and Grape Seed Extract. Are any of those ingredients contraindicated during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding?” or “I’m in Ukraine, and I have a question about Nettles tea. I have a hard time translating herbs because I have to do it in the Latin in each language to make sure I have the right herb. The box of Nettles leaves that I bought here says “urticae folia” and the books I read about drinking Nettles for pregnancy says it’s “urtica dioica.” What is the difference? Am I drinking the right thing? I’ve tried finding out on the Internet, but I don’t see a site that explains both Latin words.”

These questions focus on evaluating whether an herb or herbs in a formula is contraindicated (not okay for use) or indicated (okay for use) for a specific situation.

Specific, Expanded Question: $15.00

“I’m taking the following herb formula: Devil's Claw, White Willow Bark, Bromelain, Boswellia Serratta, Ginger root, and Grape Seed Extract. Are any of those ingredients contraindicated during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding? What are the reasons for the contraindication as I am taking the product to be able to avoid narcotics for chronic back pain and plan to discuss options with my midwife and physician?” Or “My daughter-in-law delivered her baby 4 days ago, but her milk still hasn’t come in. Is there a healthy supplement or herb she can take to bring about this process? Her doctor is trying the medical routes for this as well.”

These questions focus on understanding the reasons why something may or may not be okay for use in order to make informed choices.

Focused common health concern, Education request: $25.00
Example: “I’m in my late 30’s, and my cycles are becoming irregular and heavy with some moodiness. What are the herbal options for me?” or “My 15 month old has had 9 ear infections since birth. Finally after efforts to wait and see if fluid would move and lots of antibiotics, she received tubes last week. They were afraid of her hearing being affected. Anyway, now she has the tubes but a very low immune system from all the constant antibiotics. She is constantly catching a cold and rarely stays well. Right now she is congested, runny nose and just all over feels bad. She doesn't have a fever. What herbs are commonly used when toddlers have a cold?”

These questions focus on a specific health concern with a request for education on the most commonly used herbs for that health condition. Please note these are for common health concerns almost everyone might normally encounter during life.

Focused health concern, Expanded Education request: $50.00

Example: “I am a 34 year old mother of three. I have not been able to conceive for 5 years. I think I'm fertile. My cycles are usually every 32 days and I have the mucus that is supposed to be a sign of fertility. About 2 years ago I started having night sweats and a nauseated feeling several days to 1 week before my menstrual cycle. When I told my OB he said, "Welcome to your 30's." Is this really normal for most 30 somethings? In the past I never had any difficulties conceiving. My OB also said I have a retroverted uterus and possibly endometriosis. Of course I have to have a diagnostic lap to find out for sure. This may help improve my chances of conceiving if I do have endometriosis and he can indeed cauterize it. I would like to find out what some options are if I choose not to have the surgery. My reason for trying the natural method first is cost with no insurance. Is there something I can do to take care of myself if I do have endometriosis?”

These questions are for health concerns that encompass more than a simple answer, perhaps including helping you understand your lab and other diagnostic test results. Health support options are requested in the areas of nutrition, physical/lifestyle, and nutritional supplements.

After your payment is received, Shonda will e-mail her response to your consult request and will correspond with you afterwards to clarify any of her educational options or recommendations.

Specific Focused Question ($10.00)
Specific Expanded Question ($15.00)
Education Request ($25.00)
Expanded Education Request ($50.00)



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