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Towels & Life Choices 
Life is so much more than simply the foods we eat, the exercise we do or do not do, or the way in which we curl our hair. We are not machines that merely need the right oil or fuel or sleek design to function properly. We are made body and spirit. A large part of our attitude toward health and the interventions we choose to use is a direct result of our spiritual health. How we view our world, our God, and His people is vital. If we worship God in fullness and with reverence, our attitude and our living will be reflected in lives glorifying to God in the service of our fellow humans.

Many of us live with the fullness of an overwhelming number of daily tasks or seemingly insurmountable obstacles to building the lives we envision. This can wear down our desire to worship God and serve our brethren and sistren with a happy heart. All busyness and high hills to climb, with no respite of physical and spiritual refreshment, makes for a dull and/or broken Jack or Jill.

Resting in God

We start with solid spiritual feeding each day: Bible reading, prayer, and meditation on God's word. Even if all we have time for are a few verses read or remembered before a bigger meal of the Word later in the day, a good starter for the day in prayer and praise allows us to tackle our duties with the awareness that we depend fully on God's abundant grace to help us accomplish them. We don't wait until we feel God's grace on us before we begin performing those tasks. We get on with the job.

As we go forth in obedience, we can trust in God's grace for the fulfillment of what is before us in just the way He has planned for us. Trusting in Him brings peace, rather than anxiety about the number or types of things we are trying to accomplish. Trusting in Him also means we trust He will bring about all that He desires for us each day rather than focusing on our failure to accomplish all we want to get done or what others want for us to get done each day.

This certainty gives comfort and energy in and of itself rather than worry over whether weve made the best decisions possible. The most freeing counsel our family was blessed to receive was from our pastor several years ago. He encouraged us to stop trying to make the perfect decision but to make a faithful not sinful choice and trust it to be Gods plan because once the decision is made and the action is taken, we can trust Gods leading. To oversimplify and goofify this notion, an example would be when I fold my towels a particular way, this is Gods plan for our towels. When someone else folds their towels differently, I can trust God to be leading them as well. No need for me to question the way I fold my towels or the way they fold theirs until the time God provokes me to think, Hmm. I think Im going to fold in half rather than in thirds. No sin in how we fold our towels.

If only we could apply the same peaceful trust in the way we fold our towels to the way we get up and try to make a go at each day and find our way to accepting the day's ending. If only we could think it's just as silly to get squirrelly about how someone else might fold their towels as it is for us to get all squirrelly and judgy about how someone else presses on each day trying to make the best decisions possible with the information and grace available to them at the time.

Do we really think we're doing this business of life on our own? That what we do or do not accomplish is by our own hand? If we really recognize that the grace of God upholds and strengthens us for what lies before us, how is it we deny the presence of the same grace in our brothers and sisters in Christ?

God gives what He wills to each of us. And it's good.

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