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Giving Away the Farm 
...or Education, as it more accurately could be called. I probably should have posted this yesterday before beginning the process, but it seems I'm always doing things backwards, getting overeager and jumping right in before announcing what I'm planning.

I've long wanted to make this blog more active, but I felt like I've said a lot over the years in my course and in teaching my students and I say a lot to the general public over on Facebook, Given both the Naturally Healthy Facebook page,, and the Shonda Facebook page activity, I felt all talked out.

Then I began getting in a good many requests from folks who wanted to learn about herbal medicine but could not necessarily afford to purchase the full course materials or who wanted to learn but could only handle small bites of the information rather than a whole lesson's worth in one sitting or 36 or 72 lessons over 1-3 years. I put my thinking cap on, or, rather, I had a cup of tea and pondered how to do two things at once.

And voila! I can deliver small bites of the course here on the blog, which also happens to give me something I enjoy talking about and is too wordy for Facebook posts...even for my very verbose Facebook posts. A win-win for everyone!

So yesterday that process was begun. My plan is to deliver a little something each day, either information from the course or links to information my students and I use to help us learn or recommended resources for learning. The full herbalist training programs will still be offered for sale since those are delivered in full so students can have all the information at their fingertips and on their screens, have daily support for their lessons and further questions in the student forum, and weekly classes each semester to give them further instruction. So if you want it all, please click on the herbalist training program options and choose the one best suited for you.

If, however, you just want small bites of nutritional and herbal education, stay tuned to the blog. I'm greatly looking forward to this new adventure with you. It may take us some time to wade through over 1,000 pages of material plus all the supplemental resources, but we'll get there. I guess this now makes me...

Herbally free,

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